This is not Detective Conan related, but I think that it is important enough to share this on this blog.

SCA-5 ALLOWS SCHOOLS TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST A GROUP OF PEOPLE BASED ON THEIR RACE. Why are colleges/universities now allowed to use race as a factor in determining who get their schools? Isn’t it wrong to discriminate? If so, why are schools or other places be allowed to discriminate? Promoting diversity or helping minority - fine - but don’t do it at the expense of one group of people. Discrimination can escalate.

Please click on the link and find out more about it. There are two petitions that you can sign.


EVERYONE PLEASE. PAY ATTENTION. Especially if you’re Asian.

On January 30th, 2014, California Senate just passed SCA-5, a legislation that would repeal portions of California Proposition 209.

In condensed words, this bill allows schools to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ASIANS.

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